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Desired Nonexistent Pages

This is a manually-maintained list of pages that have been linked from elsewhere, or that it would be nice to have, but do not exist yet. Feel free to edit with your own wishes!

A page does not have to be listed here for you to add it! These are just the things that we thought of. There’s certainly plenty more in the world of statistical techniques to be added.

If you create one of these pages, please remove it from this list.

Data Manipulation

  • Regular Expressions


  • Handling Raster Data
  • Handling Vector Data
  • Spatial Moving Average Model

Model Estimation



  • Nonlinear Instrumental Variables Estimation
  • Nonparametric regression
  • Generalized Method of Moments (GMM)
  • Tobit
  • Ordered Probit
  • Ordered Logit
  • Conditional Logit
  • Mixed Logit
  • Nested Logit
  • Endogenous Switching Model
  • Nonparametric Sample Selection Models

Multilevel Models

  • Hierarchical Bayes Conditional Logit
  • Multilevel Regression with Poststratification
  • Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models

Research Design

  • Differences in Differences with treatment rollout (use updated methods!)
  • Propensity Score Matching
  • Event Study Estimation
  • Synethic Control Method

Statistical Inference

  • Average Marginal Effects
  • Marginal Effects at the Mean
  • Nonlinear hypothesis tests
  • Treatment Effect Model

Nonstandard Errors

  • Cluster Bootstrap Standard Errors
  • Jackknife Standard Errors

Machine Learning

  • A-B Testing
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Nearest Neighbors Matching



  • Marginal Effects Plots for Discrete Variables
  • Graph themes


  • Cross-Tabulations
  • Correlation Matrix

Time Series

  • Serial Correlation
  • Stationarity and Weak Dependence
  • Granger Causality
  • Moving Average Model
  • ARIMA Model
  • ARIMAX Model
  • ARCH Model
  • GARCH Model
  • TARCH Model
  • Rolling Regressions
  • Recursive Regressions
  • State Dependent Regression
  • Structural Break (Chow Test)
  • Dynamic Panel
  • Ex-Post Forecasting
  • Ex-Ante Forecasting


  • Import a Delimited Data File (CSV, TSV)
  • Import a Fixed-Width Data File
  • Export Data to a Foreign Format
  • Set a Working Directory
  • Power Analysis of Interaction Terms