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Welcome to the Library of Statistical Techniques (LOST)!

LOST is a publicly-editable website with the goal of making it easy to execute statistical techniques in statistical software.

Each page of the website contains a statistical technique — which may be an estimation method, a data manipulation or cleaning method, a method for presenting or visualizing results, or any of the other kinds of things that statistical software typically does.

For each of those techniques, the LOST page will contain code for performing that method in a variety of packages and languages. It may also contain information (or links) with thorough descriptions of the method, but the focus here is on implementation. How can you do it in your language of choice? If there are multiple ways, how are those ways different? Is the way you used to do it outdated, or does it do something unexpected? What’s the R equivalent of that command you know about in Stata or SAS, or vice versa?

In short, LOST is a Rosetta Stone for statistical software.

If you are interested in contributing to LOST, please see the Contributing page.

LOST was originated in 2019 by Nick Huntington-Klein and is maintained by volunteer contributors. The project’s GitHub page is here.